Babies are at least Cute

Like I said already if you’ve got teenagers then you’ll know exactly what I’m blogging on about. If you don’t have teens in your house then be prepared to have your eyes opened.

The teens in my house really are exorcist like head spinning, swear word spitting, selfish, egocentric pains In the arse. And they’re driving me bloody nuts. Thats why I’ve turned to the blogging – I need to get this shit out of my head before it explodes into a million frustrated, insane, nagging, full of fear, living on a knives edge of worry tiny little pieces embedding into the once cream walls of my lovely house.

And to be honest it’s not just the teenagers that are driving me nuts it’s all the heavy shit that comes with them. Right now the oldest one is having car insurance problems (there will be a rant on that later, I promise) while the other one is just too bloody clever for her own (and my) good, she spends her life glued to tumblr and talks of fan girls and people on you tube and tumblr like their her best friends.

And do you know what I realised today?

I need to find out more about all this stuff. How do I help my oldest get finance for uni, how do I help him get student accommodation, how do I stop his insurance company ripping him off? Have you heard of topless Tuesday on tumblr? No neither had I, and if I don’t know what it is then how do I protect my 13 year old teenage daughter from it?

Oh and their demands to be a picked up, dropped off, for new clothes, for food, for money, for cars, for car insurance goes on and on and on and on.

When they’re babies and toddlers they’re so cute that when you look at them you melt and forgive them waking you up 12 times last night, or for throwing their dinner in your face, spitting their milk on the dog, wiping their snot on the vicar.

But teenagers are spotty, smelly, noisy, annoying great lumps who take over your house and your TV. They tower above you, treat you with disdain, they steal your clothes, they eat your secret stash of chocolate and drink your beer and wine (and any other alcohol in your house) and instead of talking to you they grunt or babble at 100 words a second about stuff you don’t understand but you can’t admit you don’t understand cos thats soooooo not cool.

Teenagers should be more cuter, really they should.

Oh, I feel better already!



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mum to two teens and a toddler - not a easy mix tbh. The oldest is 18, the middlest is 13 and the baby is 2 and we live a life full of love and chaos. View all posts by mumtoteens

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