Japan, Lolita and Anime

I learned a huge thing about teenagers today…

My teengirl is obsessed with Japan and all things japanese. It’s an obsession I didn’t get nor understand. But today, as she’s too young really to go on her own, I went with her to a Japanese Festival.

I was prepared for weirdness extraordinaire, I wasn’t prepared for beauty, imagination and creativity. And i definitely wasn’t prepared for fun.

I spent a great day with teengirl, the best we’ve had in ages. She explained all about the anime’ the music and the cosplay (it’s basically fancy dress but dressing up like characters from anime and manga).

We got our faces painted, I wore pink cat ears for most of the afternoon and she wore a zombie bunny rabbit onesie and we laughed together like a gang of two with a special bond and a secret.

I watched a fashion show and she told me all about the fashions. I thought I knew what lolita fashion was, turns out I didn’t. And I loved learning how much my teengirl knows almost as much as she loved showing off her knowledge to me. She actually hugged me several times today and told me I was a great mum for coming with her.

I still don’t fully get her Japanese obsession but I understand it a lot more than I did yesterday. And for today me and teengirl really bonded.

I will go to sleep happy tonight.




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mum to two teens and a toddler - not a easy mix tbh. The oldest is 18, the middlest is 13 and the baby is 2 and we live a life full of love and chaos. View all posts by mumtoteens

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