The Great Insurance Swindle

I am pissed off. In fact I’m so pissed off I can barely type this. And for once I’m not pissed off at one of my teens.

It’s the insurance companies I’m pissed off at. But I’m not angry cos they charge so much to insure teenboy I understand the boy racer worry (I knew a few back in the day :-)) and I know new drivers have more accidents, etc, etc, etc.

What I am really pissed off about is what I like to call The Great Insurance Swindle – where I purchase very expensive insurance for teenboy, somebody crashes into him and admits full liability. So teenboy makes a claim on his insurance (who is Co-Op Young Drivers Insurance FYI) and they tell him they’ve valued his written off car at £1200 and he’ll get a cheque soon.

So he got a cheque in the post last week for a whopping £350 (that’s about the same as his monthly insurance premium).

Why was it so low I hear you ask? Well i’ll tell you…because the insurance company has taken off teenboy’s insurance excess of £750.

So several phone calls to Co-Op Insurance Claims department later and teenboy was no closer to knowing when he’d get his excess back as every single advisor he spoke to told him a different thing.

So I phoned them and it turns out that despite the accident being the fault of the other driver Co-Op Insurance, will not be reimbursing teenboy his excess, not now, not next month, not ever.

And do you know what they told me to do?

Co-Op Insurance told me (I still can’t believe this!) that I would have to instruct a Personal Injury solicitor to launch a personal injury claim and in that claim also claim back the excess!

And apparently that is industry standard now!!!!!

Does anybody else remember when you had an accident you phoned your insurance company, they sorted it out and if you were at fault your insurance paid out in full and if the other driver was at fault their insurance paid out. Only the liable driver had to pay his excess, only the liable driver lost his no claims and only the liable driver’s premium went up.

Its so very different in 2012 and I’m not going to take it lying down. But more about that later.

The Great Insurance Swindle will continue when mumofteens has calmed down a bit...


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