Mum = The Fixer

You all know that teenboy’s had some problems this year and these problems have spilled over into his school life. It got so bad I thought he was going to fail the whole year.

But, thanks to his incredible teachers spotting that he wasn’t his usual smiley laid back self and getting in touch with me to share their worries, we may have managed to save him from final high school year disaster.

This has been a helluva year for teenboy – 3 car accidents in 6 months none of them his fault but 3 written off cars left him with a written off psyche. Having to kick his way out the windscreen of December’s write off left him with scars none of us could see but boy those scars were deep.

That, together with his absent father falling off his very high pedestal had left teenboy unable to face school, his teachers and even his friends. He lost all his sparkly, twinkly, smileyness and had become all spiky, sharp and cutting. Defensive, aggressive, apathetic were words I would find myself using to describe him earlier this year and each time my lips formed the words my heart was punched and I wondered if I would ever be able to do anything right for teenboy.

And today at teengirl’s school sports I have learned that I have been a good mum to teenboy. And I am literally walking around here puffed up and proud – that validation feels incredible.

Basically, when I realised teenboy was going to fail his a-levels if he didn’t get some help I stepped in. I learned as much as I could about a level media and film studies and helped him write his essays because essay writing has never been his strong point. I spent time teaching him how to structure an essay and where and when to use continuation words, etc. I took him to the British Library in London and taught him how to search for quotes to substantiate his essay claims.

You see teenboy he knows the stuff, he just didn’t know how to put it down on paper to make it easy for the examiners to read it and grade it. He had a tendency to waffle.

And teenboy got his first ever A’s for essays in both these subjects.

But it was my role as The Fixer that made his friends jealous and provided me with the validation we mums to teens need sometimes. For both media and film studies a-levels he had to create, film and edit two short films. This is teen boy’s forte – he has amazing ideas but he doesn’t know how to get them from idea to fulfilment.

And that’s where The Fixer came in.

Teenboy wanted to film some musicians on top of a double decker bus, so I rounded up some family members, took us all to the seaside and got us on top of an open topped bus where we he was able to film for a while free of charge.

That film won him the school Oscar for best in class.

And now all his friends want a mum who is a Fixer and I’m so pleased with myself for doing something right for teenboy.

And I’m so pleased that he had teachers who went out of their way to look out for him and help him and who’ll also tell me that I did good.

As parents we do so many things wrong, it feels fab when you know you get confirmation you’ve done it right


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