Daft or What?

I need to start this one off by reiterating that teengirl is really quite intelligent, she is academically and creatively intelligent. Common sense, however, appears to evade her.

So teengirl came with me to WI last night because it was a great talk from a woman who had worked in code breaking at Bletchely.

Before the talk happens we have a rundown of all the business (this is the boring part of the night) this includes crafting, quilting, jam making information and announcements, blah, blah, blah…

Our jam correspondent (yes really) announced that there will be a chutney competition soon involving all our local WI’s with an average age of 70.

Teengirl: “What’s chutney?”

Me: “it’s like pickle.”

Teengirl: “wow, a chutney eating competition?”

teens don’t appear to have the brains they were born with sometimes, but they’re stupidity can be hysterical


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