What is that foul and mysterious odour?

Teengirl has just returned from Year 8 Camp knackered and with RSI in her left hand and wrist because she overused it doing all the dangerous activities that I don’t want to think about her doing like abseiling and the leap of faith.

And unfortunately she’s also brought home her washing. Why couldn’t she just have thrown it all away at the muddiest camp in the entire world.

I put down three opened up bin bags to cover at least part of the kitchen floor and where does Teengirl dump the rotting, festering rucksack? Of course, she chucked it on the clean uncovered part of the floor and i watched in slow motion as chunks of mud flew from the bag to the floor and smashed into tiny muddy smithereens lying in wait to be trod on by Babyboy and traipsed from one end of the house to the other.

Don’t get me wrong our home is not a show house but there’s enough messiness in this house without adding cruddy old mud into the mix!

First into the washing machine was the sleeping bag and pillow case – not just muddy but wet too. As I put them into the washing machine without touching them too much I reckoned that these may be the source of the foul and mysterious odour emanating from The Rucksack.

But no. Teengirl dumped the totality of The Rucksack onto the bin bags in one foul swoop and I swear to you I actually saw a puff of stink leap from the pile of mud, sorry clothes, up into the air.

I’m sure when I looked into the kitchen a couple of minutes ago there was a yellowy brown stink cloud hovering just beneath the ceiling.

So three loads of washing later the washing machine’s looking a bit worse for wear and something still stinks…

“Oh yeah mum,” says Teengirl as she walks out the living room door, “The rucksack got a bit wet in the tent. Seems it was sitting in a puddle.”

I’ve had that rucksack since 1991, it’s travelled all around the world with me and it took Teengirl just 5 days to kill it.

Teenboy and 5 friends are currently camping in the family teepee at Redfest festival, I wonder if they’ve managed to murder the teepee? Monday is hometime for Teenboy and also more muddy washing day for me. Woo hoo.

If you really love it or it has memories sewn into the seams don’t lend it to your teenager.

PS Teengirl had the best time of her entire life at Camp and made loads of new best friends in the whole world ever. One of them’s a lesbian, but that doesn’t mean Teengirl’s a lesbian apparently. You couldn’t make it up!



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