Teenboy’s Tantrum gave me a Sore Throat

I actually have a sore throat because of Teenboy’s tantrum.

You know when your toddler has a tantrum you just walk away and ignore them and let them just come out of it on their own? It’s not like that when they’re teenagers.

Today’s tantrum was over cleaning his bathroom.  Yes, teenboy has his own bathroom.  But does he understand that he’s a very lucky teenboy to have his own bathroom?  Does he hell!

One of the deals to teenboy having his own bathroom is that he keep it clean and smell-free.  I don’t think that’s asking much.  But I don’t even really push for it.  So long as I don’t have to go into it then he can leave it as is.

But I’m having a friend visit this weekend and she will have to share his bathroom.

Yesterday I asked him to clean it.  To use bleach, the toilet duck loo brush and a soft scouring pad.  To make sure his bathroom was spotless.

So today I went to check it out and it was disgusting.

But teenboy believes that this is it clean!!!  And so started the tantrum.  And his tantrum was shortly followed by my very own tantrum.

To cut a very loud and long story short his tantrum was drowned out by mine and my rules were reiterated to him with much finger pointing and tbh quite a bit of swearing.   He is an adult at 18 and he lives here because I choose to let him, if he doesn’t abide by my rules then he doesn’t live here.

His bathroom is now clean and I have had an apology.  But my throat still hurts!!

Sometimes your tantrum has to be louder than theirs – even it means a sore throat.

a sparkling bathroom that is not teenboy's

teenboy’s bathroom isn’t this sparkling but at least it’s clean


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