It’s Nearly Time…

It’s nearly time for Teenboy to fly the nest, to move forward, to take the first step into the first day of the rest of his life and has he done anything to begin this new life?

Has he buggery!!

His room is still a mess, his clothes remain unwashed and the boxes lovingly provided by me lie empty and forlorn on the floor waiting to be adorned with possessions.

What has he been doing I hear you ask?

He has been doing one thing and one thing only – saying goodbye to good school friends by getting very drunk and partying very hard.

Tomorrow night we’ll pack the car with his possessions (if he’s actually packed them in boxes by then!) and at around 7am Wednesday the 19th of September we’ll head off to Southampton where he’ll start his new life in private halls of residence – he applied for accommodation late and didn’t get into halls (I did tell him this would happen but he didn’t listen cos he never listens cos he’s not just a teenager he’s a teenage man).  But as always seems to happen when he fucks up, he landed quite perfectly on his feet as he has a lovely ensuite bedroom in a shared flat in a very modern block and it’s cheaper than the ensuite rooms in the halls!

So Wednesday it is…

Seems no matter how much you try to prepare them and get them to sort it all out sooner rather than later, it’ll all work out fine for them in the end.



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mum to two teens and a toddler - not a easy mix tbh. The oldest is 18, the middlest is 13 and the baby is 2 and we live a life full of love and chaos. View all posts by mumtoteens

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