He’s Packed

Tomorrow’s the day and finally Teenboy is packed and ready to go.  We’ve even got the car packed and it’s not even midnight!!

As a surprise for him we arranged for the whole family to come round for a takeaway goodbye.   But Teenboy managed a bigger  surprise for me.

His text arrived around 2pm and read: “I’m picking up my present to everyone for being there for me and helping me and just getting me though to University.  I’ll be picking it up tonight about 7, Babyboy will love it.  Could you keep him up until I get back tonight.  Thanks, its a surprise.”

And a surprise it was.

He bought us a kitten!!!

In his words: “To fill the void when I’m gone.”

I’d said to him just today that there would be a huge void in the house and in my life after tomorrow.

And he was right Babyboy does love the kitten as does Teengirl who has been going around saying out loud: “we’ve got a kitten, we’ve got a kitten”.

I love her too.  She’s gorgeous and cuddly and really playful and she made me cry.

The new addition to our family is currently curled up on Teengirl’s lap with a full tummy and a little smile on her face.  And Teenboy’s gone out to say au revoir (it’s not goodbye) to his friends.

When you think they’re beyond help and you’d like to strangle them for all they’ve put your through, they’ll turn around and do something that makes all the hard stuff pale into insignificance. 



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mum to two teens and a toddler - not a easy mix tbh. The oldest is 18, the middlest is 13 and the baby is 2 and we live a life full of love and chaos. View all posts by mumtoteens

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