All’s Quiet on the Teenager Front

Teengirl went back to school on Monday and so far all’s well.

Unfortunately one of her alleged real life friends spread a rumour around school that Teengirl was depressed and suicidal and that’s why she was off last week!

And do you know the reason he apparently did it?  Because he was worried about her!!!!!

Bloody teenagers, eh?!

Lucky that Teengirl’s a pretty pragmatic sort and she dealt with this boy’s rumour head on with a text message and then a severe talking to him when she got back to school.

Rumours like that though can be the very thing to create more problems for teenagers.  So I thank my lucky stars that Teengirl is so pragmatic and was able to deal with it and it didn’t really worry her all that much.  I think it worried me more.  Not that I worried people would think she was suicidal, I was more worried how it would affect her.

But she’s been back to school for 3 days now and all’s quiet on the teenager front.  Even Teenboy’s being quiet at University, settling in and working hard.  And Babyboy is being a normal, loud, demanding two and a half year old.

For the past year and a half it seems like we’ve continually been immersed in one teenage drama after another.  It’s like there’s been a merry-go-round of drama dropped on our family and we’ve just been going round and round and round, never managing to get off.  I thought once Teenboy went to University we’d finally get off the drama carousel.  But that wasn’t to be.

So this week I’m watching the world go round instead of me.  I’m relishing in the stillness and enjoying the calm for as long as it lasts.  Even if it means I’ve nothing to blog about!

It’s so lovely when life is quiet and I have nothing dramatic to blog about!

all's quite on the teenager front

no teenager drama today, the house is as calm as the seaside on a sunny day


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