Green Day Gig

I am taking teengirl to see Green Day next year.

Shhhh don’t tell anyone…but I’m really, really excited about it and I can’t wait until next June!!!!!!!

I started listening to Green Day when I lived in a America (for the second time) in 1996.  And I did, what we all did back then, and taped Basketcase off the radio along with No Doubt’s Don’t Speak and so many other 90’s American classics.

I would’ve still had the tape as well had ex-hubby no2 not taped over it with his stupid head hurting chipmunk singing hardcore dance crap.

Green Day Gig London 2013

Shhhh don’t tell anybody, but I can’t wait to see Green Day 

Teenboy was just two years old and I was still a baby aged 25 when we danced around our apartment in New Jersey singing along to Billie Joe Armstrong’s amazing voice at the top of voices (and probably murdering an incredible song!)

And now, teengirl’s obsessed with Green Day.  If it’s not Green Day she’s talking about or listening to then it’s My Chemical Romance.  Her ideal man is either Billie Joe Armstrong or Gerard Way.

But for me it’ll always be about Billie Joe or Dave Grohl or maybe Jared Leto.  The list goes on…

And she absolutely loves me right now because I didn’t do the responsible mum thing and buy seated tickets, no I bought standing tickets for on the pitch, cos I’m cool (apparently!?)

dave grohl of the foo fighters

now i’m smiling 🙂

As you can no doubt understand teengirl is beside herself with anticipation for June 2013, she’s so excited it seems like she doesn’t have a bum to sit on as she fidgets all over the place.

But me; I’m quietly excited just like a respectable mum of my age should be.

At the gig though, it’ll be a different story.  If you’re looking for me on June 1st 2013 I’ll be in the mosh pit at the Emirates Stadium screaming along to Basketcase.


If you’re going with your teenager to a gig, make sure you download at least a couple of the band’s CD’s so you can singalong to a couple of their songs.  Your teen will either love you for it or be so embarrassed it’ll be hysterical!!



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