Being a Teenager is Great

Quotes for Teenagers for life

A lovely life quote for teenagers from Twilight author Stephenie Meyer

There was a nice story in the news this week, that apparently you’re at your happiest when you’re a teenager.

And they had to do a study to find this out?

I don’t agree with the saying “your schooldays are the best days or your life”, cos school’s not always the best place or the place you want to be.

But I do agree that being a teenager is GREAT!

Now before anyone jumps in with all the teenage angst and problems and bullying and stuff, I understand all of this and I know that being a teenager can be very, very difficult and hard work and a bit of a rollercoaster.

But at what other point in your life are you able to be as free as you are when you’re a teenager?

No responsibilities, no job, no worries, no bills, no children (at least I hope not cos if you’re a teenager with children I imagine it’s not so great being you!), no housework, no house repairs, no stress (except perhaps exam stress), none of the hard, horrible adult stuff we parents have to deal with.

Being a teenager is great because you’re free, you’re experiencing life, you’re finding your feet as a person, you’re beginning to be independent, you’re experimenting, YOU’RE TASTING LIFE but you’ve always got the safety net of your parents at home to help you, rescue you or save you if you don’t like the taste of that way of life.

Being the mum to a teenager – now that is hard work!

Being a teenager is great, it’s like getting to do little life taster sessions wearing a life belt.

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