One Direction 1D Fangirls – Blurring of the Boundaries?

When I was a teen I loved Wham and didn’t like Duran Duran. And it was ok to like one and not the other, yes we had some small arguments about who was best at breaktime but that was it.

I wasn’t besotted with Wham and my Duranie fans weren’t obsessed with Simon or John, although I did have one friend who was so enamoured with George she claims she would still love the chance to turn him straight!

But we all knew that we’d never meet them, we’d never marry them and despite being amazing, incredible popstars they weren’t gods. And none of us threatened the other because we liked different bands. We didn’t wish their band members death or suicide. We rubbed along together not saying things that sometime we may have thought or even said amongst our friendship groups or in our homes, but not things we would have said aloud outside of these trusted, safe areas where it was ok to say stupid things because these people loved us, didn’t judge us and moreso they knew we didn’t mean it that we were just sounding off.

But nowadays there seems to be a blurring of the boundaries of what’s acceptable to think in your own head and what’s acceptable to post out there on the internet for all the world to see.

My mum used to tell me think before I spoke. I’d like to tell teenagers to think before they type because real people are hurting and your words are making them hurt more.

mitch lucker of suicide silence sadly killed in a motorcycle accident

mitch lucker with his daughter, who’s death in a motorcycle accident has brought out the worst in some of the 1D fandom.

I’m not talking about the fans getting hurt I’m talking about the families of the people you say deserved to die. I’m talking about the little five year old girl who’s dad has died in a motorcycle accident. She’s lost her daddy. A woman has lost her husband and a mother and father have lost their son. And a best friend has lost his best friend forever. And you think it’s ok to say these despicable, disrespectful things?

When words are posted online they’re there forever and Mitch Lucker’s little girl will be able to see the horrible things written about his dying. When she grows up and searches online to find about the dad she lost out on the chance of knowing do you really want her reading your hateful words?

I ask every single one of these trolls – would you like to switch on the internet and see cruel and disrespectful things written about your dad?

I mean, really, are One Direction fans really pleased that Mitch Lucker died? Are they happy that another emo has left behind his wife, his daughter, his parents?


Why can’t we just think these thoughts in our own heads but NOT write them down for the whole world to see?

Please can we get some of boundaries back, I beg you, please.

These are some of the things I’ve read on Tumblr in response to what 1D fangirls are saying about Mitch Lucker’s dying in a motorcycle accident:

“what the fuck is actually wrong with some Directioners though? Are they sick in the head? Telling TWFanmily to die, teasing someone about their brother’s suicide, being glad someone’s idol is dead, what next? You crazy motherfuckers are going to end up killing someone, that’s what, you need to sort your motherfucking fanbase out.” nathsora

“Some of the things directioners are saying about the death of Mich Lucker are just pissing me off. That was someone SON, HUSBAND, FATHER, BEST FRIEND, and IDOL and I know good and well that if something were to happened to one of boys you’d hate people saying the things I am reading. So THINK BEFORE YOU POST PLEASE. – sorry about the rant but i had to get this off my chest since Mich Lucker is one of my idol and it pisses me off to see this level of disrespect. Thanks to these few asshole all directioners look bad yet again so thanks. X” never-lose-yourselfff

“now I’m not trying to be a major bitch and take any sides here, but a good chunk (not all, I’m sure a lot of you guys are cool people) of the one direction fandom is taking it WAY. TOO. FAR. Suicide Silence is one of my favourite bands. I personally dont like One Direction. You dont see me saying horrible, nasty, disgusting things about 1D. If one of 1D’s lead singers died, I’d feel sad too. I wouldnt say bad things about him. Leave the band alone alright? Mitch WASNT a bad person. Knock this shit off and grow the fuck up.” more-real-than-kraft-mayo

I’d like to just clarify that it’s not just One Direction fangirls who write horrific things online about other band members and their fans, it

one direction fangirls and fandom trolling twitter and tumblr

one direction – perhaps they should suggest to their fans to be a bit more respectful in the face of death?

seems they all do it to each other.

And also, I’m not a One Direction fan and neither am I a Suicide Silence fan. I am, however, a fan of thinking before you type and post.

(I have reread this blog post several times and edited quite a few times too!)


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