Finally My Pictures from Hyper Japan

cosplay girl in top hat at hyper japan

absolutely gorgeous cosplay girl at Hyper Japan

cosplayers playing video games at Hyper Japan

i love this picture of two cosplayers playing one of the not out yet video games.

arty photograph of kimonos

arty kimonos at hyper japan, earls court, london 2012

girls dressed in lolita fashion at hyper japan

lolita fashion at hyper japan – don’t they look amazing?

cosplay at hyper japan

incredible couple dressed in cosplay at hyper japan

pokemon characters

cosplay boy dressed as ash and picachu from pokemon

lolita fashion and cosplay at hyper japan

more lolita girls and a cosplay man at hyper japan

japanese soft drink, j-culture

a japanese soft drink that you have to push the marble into the bottle to be able to drink it.


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