Mum Power

I’ve said almost since the minute I was pregnant with Teenboy in 1993 that the only way our society can change to benefit mothers and women and subsequently our children is for mothers to get together and take a stand against what makes our lives unacceptable.

I had this amazing vision in my mind of tens of thousands of pregnant women, mothers and babies, mothers with children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers descending upon parliament in peaceful protest and refusing to be moved until laws were changed.

Laws that eradicate poverty for parents (which equates to preventing our children from living in poverty); single parents to be respected, errant fathers to be shamed especially the ones who give nothing to their children emotionally and financially.

Laws that promise equal wages for women and fulfill that promise.  Protection for women and children from violence and rape.  The right to make our own choices about our own bodies and whether we choose to carry a child inside it or not.  Legalised prostitution and protection for prostitutes who do a job that is only necessary because of men.

And so many more laws to create a society that views women as true equals and treats us as full equals.

It is 2012 why are women still viewed as second class citizens who must be able to do it all while battling the legislators  to stop them removing what rights we do have and to get the rights that will create real equality?

I bloody love Suzanne Moore, have done for many years.  And the following commentary by her made we want to write the above.  Please read it and maybe we can begin to find the anger inside us and turn it outwards.  Maybe someday soon I’ll get to see angry (but peaceful) mums marching on parliament fighting for the changes that are our right as human beings.

a picture of columnist and journalist suzanne moore

suzanne moore – one of the world’s greatest columnists

You don’t have to act like a man to get ahead, be a woman and demand what is rightfully yours as a human being.


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