Camp America for Older Teenagers

I am so pleased, Teenboy has finally shown an interest in doing something for the summer other than sleep all day and hang out with his friends all night.

The problem I have with him hanging out with his friends all night is that these friends have made the choice not to go to university, not to have experiences in life, to just stay where they are doing what they’ve always done and when Teenboy comes home from Uni he reverts to being just like them.  And I want so much more for him, as all mums do for their kids.

But he has made me the happiest mum he possibly could by saying he wants to go to the Camp America Recruitment Fair in London on Saturday and he’s desperate to do Camp America!!!!!

I did Camp America in 1992 and it was there I met Teenboy’s dad and within a year I was pregnant with Teenboy.

Even if I hadn’t met Teenboy’s dad, Camp America was one of the best experiences of my life.  Twenty one years later I still remember it so vividly, I can smell it and feel it.  I often transport myself back there when I feel a little bit down or stuck in responsible adulthood.

I went alone and I was terrified but before I’d even got to Heathrow I’d made friends on the tube and I sat with them on the flight.  Once at Camp I lived, slept and worked with people who became my best friends for the time I was there.  I shared everything with these people from all over the world.  How could I ever forget it?

It’s another one of those life changing experiences that I think every teenager should have.

And now Teenboy’s hoping to do it!!!!

I don’t want him to do it because I did it, I want him to do it for the experience, for the memories.  And for the changes it brings to a teenager on the cusp of adulthood and responsibilities.  It’s an opportunity to see another country, meet people from all over the world, to play, teach, learn and live in the sunshine for 8-10 weeks with other like minded teenagers.

And then you get some time off at the end to travel the States.

What could be better than that for Teenboy, who wants to be a filmmaker and therefore for him experiences will help shape his movie creating.

I have, however, told him not to do what I did and end up with a Camp America baby!!!

We’re not the sum of our material possessions, we’re the sum of our experiences.  Being 18 and 19 is the best time to start having those experiences.

camp america memories that'll last a lifetime

Camp America – memories that’ll last your lifetime


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