Simply a Specatator at All Time Low Gig

Valentines night saw me at a gig in London with teengirl, romantic it was not, interesting and fascinating it definitely was.

First to the merchandise stand to get teengirl a t-shirt.  She got a pretty cool skull one.  But had to get a men’s small cos they only do one t-shirt in women’s sizes.  Why if they know their audience is made up of females (most of them quite small) would they make all their t-shirts in men’s sizes?

Shepherds Bush Empire is a great venue for a gig like this, it’s so intimate you almost feel like you could reach out and touch the bands.

We managed to get great seats on the tiny little balcony to the right of the stage (it’s only got two rows of seats) and just before All Time Low the girls in front said teengirl could join them so she had the perfect view.

Leaving me to simply be a spectator.

I’ve been to many gigs over the years but I’ve always been and felt part of the gig.  On Thursday night I was there but I wasn’t part of it, I was an outsider.  I didn’t know the music, I couldn’t sing along, I didn’t scream and I didn’t cry.  I watched and it was incredible.

all time low rocking out in London

all time low rocking out in london

I felt like I’d been invited into a secret space reserved for teenage girls.  I felt quite privileged to be here.

It is quite simply amazing to sit back and just people watch at a concert.  To do it in a theatre full of hormonal teenage girls is incredible and thrilling.

It was all about the now, the moment.  We all know that teenagers by their very nature live in the moment and this was them so totally in the now that as a jaded 42 year old mum I found it quite overwhelming and somewhat emotional.

It stirred up some beautiful memories for me of when I as a teenager with hopes and dreams that I’d never give up on.  It inspired me to write poetry as I revelled in the electricity that sparkled and crackled around me, as I sat there digesting the scenes playing out in front of me, something I haven’t done in years.

The band played the girls beautifully.  They picked them up in their hands and threw them up in the air catching them delicately belying their rock god status.

They rocked these little girls worlds and gave them a night they’ll never forget.

And the girls?  They screamed, they cried, they jumped, they danced, they moshed better than most boys I’ve seen.  They dreamed that Alex Gaskarth was singing just to them and they delighted in Jack Barakat’s tongue wobbling at them and his twirking.

jack barakat and alex gaskarth rock shepherds bush empire

jack barakat and alex gaskarth rock shepherds bush empire london

The girls, not the band, made that whole place feel alive.  The mosh pit looked like a throbbing beating heart as they moved as one to the music, their hands reaching out to the stage holding the men of their dreams were like the heart’s ventricles as they pulsated to the beat.

This was teengirl’s first real gig and it was probably the same for most of the girls there.  They’ll never do that first ever again and they’ll remember it forever.  I felt so lucky to have been allowed to share that experience with them.  And I’ll never forget that.

Teengirl’s first gig was made so incredibly special when her idol, Jack Barakat, spoke to her from the stage!!!  In her words: “He acknowledged me, he knows I exist!”

The adorable Mr Barakat spotted teengirl on the balcony squished between a girl who was at least 6ft tall and a girl who was probably a good few years older than her.  And we reckon he thought she looked about 4 years old beside this gorgeous tall girl as he shouted at her: “Is your mom here with you?”

I waved maniacally from behind her shouting: “Yes, yes I’m here.”

And both Jack and Alex said: “Hi mom.” to me.

Teengirl has talked about nothing else since and I imagine she’ll dine out on that story for many years to come!

So thank you Jack Barakat and All Time Low for making my daughter’s night, she really needed a boost like that right now.

jack barakat all time low with his bras thrown by the teenage girls with messages written on them

jack barakat all time low with his bras thrown onstage by the teenage fans with messages written on them

A picture I took of Jack just for Teengirl.

According to teengirl a gig has made her feel better than any therapy could have.  


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2 responses to “Simply a Specatator at All Time Low Gig

  • Sonya Cisco

    I am going to see All Time Low with my teen in the summer, they re supporting Green Day- my teen band of choice- so we will both be happy fan girls that day!


    • mumtoteens

      I’m going to that gig with teengirl too!! I lived in America in the early 90s when Green Day were huge so I love them as well. Their early songs conjure up wonderful memories for me.
      Looks like that might be a great gig for mums and daughters!!
      Are you standing or sitting? I’ve opted for the mosh pit this time cos you can’t sit down to Green Day.


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