Justin Bieber’s Just Gone a Bit Teenager

Justin Bieber’s gone a bit mad apparently.

Really, a bit mad?  Or has he just gone a bit teenager?

He turned up late for a gig cos he was playing on his games console, he got drunk, he smoked some weed, he instagramed his bum, he didn’t wear enough clothes while outside in freezing England, he chose to look a bit silly by wearing a gas mask in town and he wore his trousers so low there was only boxers and no trousers covering his bum.

If you’ve got teenagers you’ll have seen all this before.  If you haven’t got teenagers, you’ll see it soon enough.

I don’t know a teenager that isn’t so egocentric that he’d rather play on his xbox or PS3 than do anything else including go on stage in front of a thousands of screaming little girls.  In fact, I’m surprised that the Bieber hasn’t been overheard slagging off his tweeny fans cos I don’t know a teenage boy who has one ounce of patience for a tweenage little sister and her friends.

My very own 19 year old egocentric teenboy would rather play games than work or study.  And when he did manage to get to work he was usually late, not two hours late, but not on time either.

And again, my very own teenboy seems to be spending his first year at Uni drunk and partying harder than ever before.  I know he’s smoked weed and he’s probably smoked more than I’d like to think in these past few months away from home.  He’s being 19.

Luckily I haven’t seen any instagram pictures of teenboy’s bum but I’m under no illusions that he keeps it under wraps at all times.  I’ve had too many male friends who can’t keep their clothes on when they’re imbibed a drink or two to believe that my teenboy is an always clothes wearing well behaved drunk.

Wearing inappropriate clothing in freezing cold weather isn’t the domain of the Bieber neither is wearing something stupid either for the sake of fashion or attention seeking.

Visit any town on a Friday and Saturday night and you’ll be bombarded with teenage girls and boys (18 years and up hopefully) in strappy dresses and tshirts with no coats, in certain parts of the UK you might even come across a gas mask wearing youngster desperate to be looked at.  And at the end of the evening I’m sure you won’t be hard pushed to find a topless teen boy a bit worse for wear.

So no, in my opinion Bieber’s not gone mad, he’s not gone off the rails and he’s not lost the plot.

Justin Bieber has just gone a bit teenager.

The Bieber has just turned 19, that makes him still a baby – a baby who’s trying to find his way in life after all the hard work he did in his early teenagedom.  He’s just being like every other egocentric teenager unfortunately his experiments and mistakes are documented in newspapers and magazines for the world to judge him.

I’m really pleased teenboy’s able to make his mistakes quietly without judgement from people who don’t know him.  This should hopefully make his transition to adulthood that bit easier than the Bieber’s. 

justin bieber as younger teenager

Justin Bieber as a young pup. Image from Celebuzz

topless justin bieber in freezing cold England.

justin bieber goes topless in a freezing cold England.


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