We Tested Walkers Hoops & Crosses

The good folks at Walkers sent me some of their new wholegrain crisps (or flavour baked corn snack to quote the packet) shaped like hoops and crosses for the kids to have a wee taste of.
And teengirl’s reaction was: “Wow they’re amazing!”
While babyboy couldn’t stop eating them. In fact every time I gave him one to bite into for a photograph he’d shove it straight into his mouth and scoff it straight down.

teengirl biting into a walkers cross from the Walkers Hoops and Crosses wholegrain crisps

Teengirl biting into a Walkers Cross

After I’d finished snapping in their faces the pair of them were arguing over who could finish the pack! Babyboy, as always, won.

And once he’d finished them he ran back into the kitchen and said to me: “More please, mummy.”

So I reckon they’ve been given the thumbs up from the 3 year old. And he’s going to find them in his preschool lunchbox all next week.

babyboy's excited to have his new crisps in his lunchbox

babyboy’s excited to have his new crisps in his lunchbox

Teengirl, who has more of a way with words than her little brother, says they are quite amazing. and being a bit of a crisp connoisseur (like a lot of teenagers!) teengirl knows what she’s talking about.

She said they don’t taste like they’re made of wholegrains, that they do in fact taste just like real puffed crisps. But the big difference is that the Hoops and Crosses didn’t taste greasy and they didn’t leave that greasy coating on her lips and tongue.

And she said they smelled quite strongly when she opened the pack, we tested the Roast Beef flavour, and that reminded her of another famous monster of a crisp and it also worried her that they might be too strong tasting.

teenager and toddler scoffing the hoops and crosses

teengirl scoffing the hoops and crosses

But they weren’t. She enjoyed every single one of them and said they were better than the monster crisps they reminded her of due mostly to the lack of grease.

The one downside for both of them was that they made them really, really thirsty. That may be down to the flavour though as Roast Beef crisps often make you thirsty.

The pack size was a fab fit for babyboy’s little hands and also fit perfectly into teengirl’s hands. Teengirl pointed out that the packet was actually filled with the crisps, no fresh air filling up the pack, which is a real plus point.

walkers hoops and crosses before they got put into babyboy's lunchbox

walkers hoops and crosses before they got put into babyboy’s lunchbox

Now here’s the facts and figures so you can decide if they’re the crisps for your teenagers and toddlers:

Per pack nutritional information:

  • each bag has 85 calories
  • 3.8g of fat
  • 0.3g of that saturates
  • 11.0g of carbohydrates
  • 1.0g of which sugars
  • 1.1g of fibre
  • 0.27g of salt

Hoops & Crosses come in 3 flavours – prawn cocktail, roast beef and salt and vinegar.  All the flavours are suitable for vegetarians.

The crisps are made from wholegrains and contain to artificial colours or preservatives.  Which is great because experts agree that a healthy balanced diet should include wholegrain.

walkers hoops and crosses

walkers hoops and crosses

The ingredients for the Roast Beef flavour crisps are:

wholegrain corn meal (57%), corn meal, sunflower oil (19%), roast beef seasoning [hydrolysed soya protein, sugar, lactose powder (from milk), glucose, flavourings (contains milk), onion powder, carob powder, colours (plain caramel, paprika extract), garlic powder, salt, spices].

Apparently, 27% of toddlers and teenagers in the UK don’t get any wholegrain at all!!  This statistic comes from a study in the British Journal of Nutrition and refers to the wholegrain intake of British young people aged 4-18 years.

Walkers hoops & crosses wholegrain crisps montage

Walkers Hoops & Crosses wholegrain crisps montage

Walkers Hoops & Crosses get the thumbs up from both teengirl and babyboy: not only are the tasty they’re also made from wholegrains.   A great snack for prolific snackers of all ages.

Just a wee note from me: It can be quite difficult to get both teens and toddlers to eat food we deem healthy, but it’s usually easy to get them to eat crisps and snacks.  These are a great idea to help get wholegrain into them – especially as they’re flavour baked corn snacks rather than crisps but they won’t know the difference, crisps are crisps when you’re that age.


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