3D Bi-Aural Sound at Cornetto Cinema

Teengirl and I love the unusual and unexpected which was a really good thing when we caught a screening of Cornetto UK’s innovative immersive movie and theatre experience Two Sides.

We’d been given the barest of details so neither of us had any idea what to expect when we turned up at Westfield Stratford last week – FYI it is the biggest and tallest mall I’ve been in outside of America!

And we got the unexpected!

Cornetto UK recently launched their Cupidity short film Two Sides. The movie combines a teen love story with the usual problems teenagers in love have with 3D bi-aural cinema sound. It also manages to seamlessly combine it with immersive theatre to create a ‘truly unique storytelling experience’ that enthralled both Teengirl and I.

cornetto cinema box office - pop up 3D sound cinema with immersive theatre

Our ticket to entry was a Cornetto. I had strawberry and Teengirl had a classic served up Starbucks style in a dual Cornetto holder with our names written on with tiny lovehearts drawn beside them.

Cornetto ‘tickets’ in hand Teengirl and I switched on our headphones, set them to the correct channel and made sure we were wearing them the correct way (blue on the right ear) before taking our seats in the tiny, three-row, intimate cinema.

a cornetto was our ticket to entry

 As the movie began and the small room erupted in laughter as a man in the front row took his headphones off, looked at them and put them back on the right way!

And that’s an important point – the sound coming through the headphones is different, a bit weird and if like me you’ve never heard 3D or bi-aural sound before, slightly unexpected.

Before the movie started I could hear ‘voices’ in my ears and moving between my ears as the sound of people chattering was piped in. When I closed my eyes I felt as though I could ‘see’ where in the room these chattering people were standing.

Once the movie started I heard the male character’s voice in one ear and the female lead in the other and I’m sure I could hear them in different ears at the same time. It was as if the sound was all around me and inside my head. At first I didn’t recognise this was happening, then when I realised it, I paid attention and then forgot about it as I got sucked into the movie that explores ‘the trials and adventures of teen love’.

The movie was described to me as being in 3D sound but I quickly discovered it was more like 4D all round. And that’s all I’m going to tell you.

I really want to tell you more but I can’t because I don’t want to give you any hints as to what happened next. It’s much more effective if it’s a surprise. Believe me your experience will be so much better if you don’t know what’s going to happen and you expect the unexpected.

Now go and see it. Immerse yourself in it, hear it like you’ve never heard anything before, feel it, love it and then tell everybody else to go see it – because you will want to.

The pop-up cinema runs until August 4th at Westfield Stratford and it’s free for everybody.

Two Sides movie with 3D and bi-aural sound combined with immersive theatre

Cornetto UK describes Two Sides as part of a series of short films where four international directors have sourced romantic inspiration from all over the world to ensure each film shares a beautiful and compelling love story.




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