Morrisons Mums Bank Holiday Challenge

I’d planned to have family and friends over for a BBQ on the first Monday May bank holiday but unfortunately my builders had other ideas!

Apparently an emergency meant they had to turn up to take down the chimneys on the bank holiday instead of the Tuesday.  So that put the kibosh on the BBQ – cos nobody wants builders dust in their burgers and sausages!

I’d planned to take lots of photographs and maybe a couple of videos at the BBQ of everyone having a great time enjoying the food from Morrison’s but sadly that had to go as well – cos nobody needs to see a picture photobombed by a builders bum!

So instead it was just me and the kids.

But what to cook instead of traditional BBQ fare?  I opted for a meal that appeals to kids, is easy, resembles junk food but actually isn’t and is even tastier than the frozen version.

For our bank holiday dinner I created homemade wholegrain chicken nuggets, sauté baby boiled potatoes and broccoli.

low GI, low sugar dinner - homemade wholegrain chicken nuggets, broccoli and saute baby boiled potatoes bought from Morrisons cos I was a #morrisonsmum

homemade wholegrain chicken nuggets, broccoli and saute baby boiled potatoes bought from Morrisons cos I was a #morrisonsmum

As most of you who read this blog know I’m insulin resistant so I eat a Low GI diet (FYI I’ve lost 3 stone since I started and feel healthier than I have done in years), hence, the wholegrain chicken nuggets.

wholegrain low GI chicken nuggets recipe - how to make healthy chicken nuggets that are low gi and low sugar but still tasty

For breakfast we pushed the boat out and instead of toast or bran flakes we devoured brown wholegrain rolls topped with oats filled to the brim with bacon and topped off with lashings of ketchup.

bacon on wholewheat oat topped rolls with lashings of tomato ketchup - the perfect Bank Holiday breakfast

bacon on wholewheat oat topped rolls with lashings of tomato ketchup – the perfect Bank Holiday breakfast

I’m sure you don’t need a recipe for these, we all know how to cook a roll with bacon.  Mmmmm, these ones were particularly delicious and believe it or not Low GI.

Our weekend’s meals also included a Sunday roast and a Keema Curry with wholegrain basmati rice (if you haven’t tasted this rice do it, it’s delicious as well as low GI).

My snacks consisted of strawberries which were great but not quite as sweet as the Spanish ones I was eating in Cornwall last week, salted popcorn (Morrison’s is good but just like every other supermarket’s own make it just doesn’t match up to Butterkist salted), Ski smooth yoghurts and Belvita biscuits (both of these two were on offer and therefore a bargain for me).

a box of strawberries from Morrisons for just £3 #morrisonsmum

For lunch my cold meat and salad sandwiches included lettuce from the living salad I purchased at Morrisons.

What’s a living salad I hear you cry? Well…It’s a lettuce that’s still growing.   I know…I couldn’t believe it!

You buy the living salad still planted in the soil, sit it on your windowsill, keep it watered and voila it will last for up to ten days.  And when you need some lettuce to put on your sandwich or for your side salad you just cut some off, wash it and use it.

Amazing, just absolutely bloody amazing.  The living salad is THE BEST thing I’ve ever bought from a supermarket EVER!!!  And it cost just 99p.

my windowsill living salad - best purchase from any supermarket EVER

my windowsill living salad – best purchase from any supermarket EVER #morrisonsmum

You might wonder why instead of telling you all about the hell my teenagers are putting me through I’m sharing what we ate over the weekend.

Well it’s because Morrison’s challenged me (and a load of other mums) to find out if their new lower prices were as good as they claimed #morrisonsmums.

I’d love to be able to tell you all that their prices are great and it saved me a fortune, but it was difficult for me to work out cos I buy my meat in bulk from Costco and try to shop quite regularly in my village but I was reasonably impressed by their prices and I’ve included a price per portion breakdown for the chicken nuggets and the bacon butties below.

I do have one complaint about Morrisons supermarkets – and I mean every single one I’ve ever been in – have no rhyme or reason to their layout.  Most supermarkets adhere to the same sort of layouts so you know roughly where to find the food on your shopping list.  But Morrisons don’t seem to follow this rough rule, they make their own rules, they walk to the beat of their drum.

Normally I’d have all respect for that but when you’re searching the aisles desperately trying to find the food you need as a 4 year old constantly asks you questions, their refusal to play by the same rules as everyone else can be rage inducing.  I ended up having to bribe Babyboy with some cars just so he would stop talking long enough for me to search out the items on my long and apparently never ending shopping list.

So kudos to Morrisons for lowering prices at a time when families are really struggling financially, as a cash strapped mum I appreciate it.  But please sort out the layout of your supermarkets so I don’t have to search and search and search.

  • CHICKEN NUGGETS, POTATOES & BROCOLLI COST PER PORTION (I made enough for 4 and froze a portion of nuggets) – £2.04


affordable, tasty fruit at great prices is what I want as a mum #morrisonsmum


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3 responses to “Morrisons Mums Bank Holiday Challenge

  • lunchingmarie

    They’re currently building a Morrisons near me and I can’t wait for it to open – I’ve never been in one before. Figures crossed it will save me money!


    • mumtoteens

      I reckon it will Lunching Marie they seem to be going all out to reduce their prices and make it more cost effective for mums to shop there. Just don’t expect to be able to find anything until you’re used to the store!


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